Writing your own bio is the most sad, time consuming and vexing task ever! But, it’s a good thing I like talking about myself, so here goes… 

Do what you love

I followed this advice and so far… it’s got me nowhere. But that doesn’t matter because we don’t do it for the fame or fortune (do we?!) Of course not, we do it for the love!

So,  what do you love? What makes you tick? If money was no issue what would you do? For me, it’s cars: Small cars, Fat cars, Green cars, Sh*t cars and most importantly ‘real fast’ cars.

So, what is Real Fast Club? Good question… I’m not entirely sure. Currently, it’s a platform for me to share the latest car news, reviews and thoughts (blogs) on the automotive industry. But one day, it’ll be much more than that. Eventually, we’ll be doing tours, rallies, track days, car shows (basically anything concerned with cars)

New blogs are uploaded every Wednesday & Sunday so make sure you tune in then to catch up! But for now, enjoy the blogs (some of which are useful) and THANKS FOR READING!

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