Here Are The 6 Best Automotive Gifts This Father’s Day

1. Emoji Fresh – £1.99 – £2.50 

Is your dad a little bit silly and immature? If so, he’d love these: affordable, funny and actually useful.


2. Goodwood: Festival of Speed – £34 – £154 

It’s something a little bit different and only happens once a year. One of the largest automotive events in the car calendar that’s sure not to disappoint.


3. Amazon Prime Membership – £79 

Get your dad an Amazon Prime membership so you can watch The Grand Tour. But mainly so you can watch how Richard Hammond destroyed a £2 million electric supercar.


4. G case travel case – £131.87

Many may find this an embarrassing travel companion but a true petrol head will relish the opportunity to travel with a suitcase that looks like a jerrycan. A little but pricey but unique products such as this are worth it.


5. Car Pool Table – $12,000 

Why get a normal pool table when you can get a pool table in the shape of a Mustang? Oh, and it’s 10x the price but why not? It’s one of the coolest Father’s Day gift you can get.


6. Porsche GT2 RS – Price (TBC)

How much do you love your dad? If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of days, you’ll know Porsche have unveiled their most powerful 911 yet – nicknamed the ‘widow maker’ (ok, maybe not such a good Father’s Day gift), but can you imagine the smiles?



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