The 6 Best Cars For Under £333

I recently wrote an article highlighting the ‘6 best two-seat sports cars for less than £33,333.33’. I agree, this is a lot of money but not if we think about value proposition. For example, £33,333.33 is a lot of money for a 1999 Nissan Micra but it’s not much money for an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Anyway, due to some feedback I decided to take up the challenge and locate the 6 best cars for under £333, for sale in the UK today. The below cars may have more mileage  than Mo Farah’s legs and been involved in worse wrecks than the first (new) series of Top Gear, but as long as the car starts, drives and has seats… it’s going on the list.

Fiat Seicento 1.1 Sporting 3dr


To buy a car with ‘sporting’ in the model name for £99 is instantly a bargain. Yes, it’s a little slow and slightly aged but that’s the same qualities as your grandparents and you still appreciate them… don’t you? (You better, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) For every negative with this car, there’s a positive. Its boxy (negative) but that means there’s lots of headroom (positive). The engine only produces 54 brake horsepower (negative) but the fuel economy is great – 43.5 miles per gallon (positive). But the biggest positive is the mileage – only 60k miles! My dry cleaning bill (monthly) is more than £99 and you can buy a car for that much! BARGAIN! 

Ford Street KA 1.6 Luxury 2dr


Did you ever think it your wildest dreams you could afford a convertible for £195? Well, you can and here it is. A great car but unfortunately, due to my Adam’s Apple, I could never buy, drive or even sit as a passenger in a convertible Ford KA. However, for women across the motoring globe who want to experience the wind rushing through your hair… here you go!

Daewoo Matiz 1.0 Xtra 5dr


Xtra! Xtra!… What does ugly look like? £350 quantifies it pretty well. You may have noticed that it’s slightly over budget but I am so sure if you offer £333 –it’s a deal (slightly cheating) I like this little car because not only is ‘Daewoo Matiz’ fun to say, but the lack of luxury, safety features and any sort of electronic devices means there is nothing that can possibly to go wrong with this car. Not sure why the model name is ‘xtra’ because there is nothing extra about this car. Buy it as a run-a-around or even as a first car for your child as punishment for their unruly behaviour.

Volkswagen Beetle 1.6 3dr


Who’d ever think you could buy a Porsche for £299! Oh sorry, I meant VW Beetle (kidding, I love Porsche) What does £299 get you? Well, it gets you a modern looking car with an alarm system! Like anyone would want to steal this piece of sh*t anyway, but usually these cars are quite expensive. This particular car is cheap, looks good, seats 5 and drives – that’s good enough for us!


Jaguar S type


My jaw literally dropped to the floor when I saw this. An unrecorded, 2002, 90k mileage Jaguar for £250 WITH FULL SERVICE HISTORY! The ad claims it starts and drives fine but requires a new battery to bring back to life, but they are relatively inexpensive anyway. A brand new Jaguar S type (with a few extras) was approximately £50,000 and here we have one for £250! Talk about bargain of the century. Hurry though; I don’t think it’ll hang around.

Mercedes Benz CLK 230 Compressor


£56,435. That’s how much this car was brand new. You can ‘buy it now’ on eBay for £300. It starts, drives and is a Mercedes… what else do you want?


  1. All the above links are real adverts that I found and prices were correct at that time
  2. It’s just a bit of fun… don’t take it too seriously
Thanks for reading!
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