The 6 Best Second-hand 2 Seat Sport/Super Cars For Under £33,333

Aston Martin V8 Vantage


How does a 4.3ltr V8 producing 380 horsepower sound? I guarantee it doesn’t sound better than its pitch perfect exhausts which can literally orchestrate symphonies. This entry level Aston is still one of the most beautiful cars ever made and can be yours for under £33,333.

Realistically, a 2006/07 with around 40k miles is worth approximately £33,000. The V8 Vantage isn’t the fastest or best handling car in the world, but let’s be honest – you’ll never take it on a track or utilise more than 75% of its power on the road. As long as you can afford the very high maintenance costs, why not?     

Audi TT Rs Roadster


The Audi I really wish was under £33,333 is the R8 (V8), but the least expensive (2007 with 70k miles) are still holding strong money at approximately £39,000. Potentially, the R8 manual could be a future investment as it’s the first ever Audi supercar with a dying manual gearbox coupled with a V8 engine. However, I personally feel a better investment would be the Audi R8 V10 manual*

*IDIOT DISCLAIMER* I am not a qualified car investment mystic therefore don’t come crying to me if something goes wrong!

But anyway, Audi TT Rs 2.5ltr roadster. Why the roadster you ask? Because the coupe has 4 seats and this article is called ‘The 6 best TWO seater sports cars!’ What I like about the TT Rs is the 335 horsepower, four wheel drive and the 32.8 MPG. That’s Aston Martin performance plus the reliability (minus the great looks). You can pick up a 2013, 5-10k mileage for approximately £28,000. Spend the rest of what you saved on an upgraded exhaust system (or something for your wife for letting you buy it in the first place)

Nissan 370Z Coupe Nismo

Again, I really wish I could post the Nissan GTR (the supercar killer), which you can get for under £33,333 but that’s a 4 seater! The 370Z is the baby brother of the GTR with 339 brake horsepower and a 0-60mph time of 5.2 seconds. That’s quick! But, the best thing about the Nismo… you can pick up a 2016 with under 6,000 miles for less than £30,000. That’s basically a new car! A lot of performance for the money but the future depreciation makes me cry.

Honda NSX


Controversial, but I think this deserves a spot on the list. The NSX was the first Japanese supercar to rival Ferrari that was actually reliable and practical – almost like a 911! The 3ltr, naturally aspirated engine producing 271 brake horsepower may not sound like much, but it’s not bad for a car that’s 27 years old! The NSX is a true classic with its masterpiece of an engine and is arguably the greatest supercar of its era. Aryton Senna even had input in designing the chassis! So, what will all this awesome-ness cost you? Not cheap – 1991 with 95,000 miles are approximately worth £32,000. Maintenance costs are probably higher but who cares! It’s a supercar for under £33,333.

Noble M12 3.0 GTO


0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 170mph. This car is a track weapon! And all this performance for less than £30,000 for a 2004/05 with 60k miles. Some say that it drives like a large Lotus Elise with a lot more power which sounds great but a couple of negatives. I think it looks like a bit of a kit-car, the ride wont be that great and it was made by a small British company – so I wonder how reliable it really is? But no matter – where else will you get this level of performance for less than £33,333?

Porsche Cayman 981


The Cayman you really want is the GT4 but that’s way out of budget! Even the new 718 is too high, but the lesser 981 is not that much ‘lesser’. Porsche offers a 2.7ltr engine that produces 275 brake horsepower which doesn’t sound like much but trust me, that’s all you’ll ever need for the road. You get 2 seats, rear wheel drive and an engine that sits in the middle for better balance. There are some reviews that even argue the Cayman handles better than its more expensive and bigger ‘Carrera’ brother.

Pick up a 2013/14 with under 40,000 miles for around £33,000. Pretty expensive but it’s still a Porsche.

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