This Is The Best Car For Business Meetings

If you haven’t already guessed, it’s a Lexus. More specifically, the Lexus IS 300h.


The Japanese brand is well-known for being innovative and introducing ‘state-of-the-art’ technology into their cars. For example, Lexus was the first manufacture to implement an 8-speed automatic transmission and possesses the most advanced ‘pedestrian-detection’ system on the market. Driving around in the latest and safest ‘tech-fest’ shows your embrace for being level-headed and practical. These are necessary traits for successful business meetings.


There are no pre-conceptions about the Lexus brand. Lexus offers class without the ‘douchebag’ image of BMW or snobbish persona of Mercedes drivers. Lexus is what I like to call a ‘nothing car’. It may sound harsh but it’ actually a compliment. A ‘nothing-car’ is simply a car where nobody batters an eyelid as it drives past. It’s generates zero attention and has neither a positive or negative image. This is precisely what you want when arriving at a business meeting: a blank slate when you do all the talking and not your car.

day-exterior-00_3R1Looking at the Lexus doesn’t give you goose bumps but when you really study the lines, curves and curls of the car, it’s stylish and sublime. The intricate details like the rear headlights and those gasping air intakes in the front bumper make the Lexus elegant. The Lexus doesn’t beg for attention, but when you study its features for more than 5 seconds, it has all the looks of a sport sedan.

day-exterior-03_3R1Finally, the Lexus has great fuel economy, is affordably priced and an all-round great driving experience. You want to arrive in a car that’s stylish, sophisticated and sensible. This is the image you want to project when arriving at business meetings and the Lexus fulfills this purpose perfectly.


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