Ever wondered what the perfect car is for a business meeting? Is there a specific model that makes it more likely to gain new business?  How about a preferred ‘spec’ that creates long-lasting client relationships? I doubt you’ve ever considered or even care about such trivial matters, but questions like these keep me up at night. As both a petrol head and entrepreneur, these two topics rarely combine and complement each other – until now. First impressions count and your choice of car IS the first impression you create. Choose wisely and it may increase your chances of a successful business meeting, however choose poorly and you may wish you arrived on the bus. These are the 5 worst cars for attending business meetings:



Shocked? Don’t be and let me explain why. BMW drivers have a reputation for driving recklessly, not knowing how to operate their indicator switch and engaging every dynamic/sport mode as soon as they begin driving. If your car matches your personality, then BMW drivers are the playground bullies. Your client has most likely been ‘cut up’, horned or sworn at by a BMW driver and you don’t want him/her to think you could do the same. Don’t get me wrong, BMWs are fantastic driver’s car but unfortunately, BMW drivers do not have such a fantastic reputation.



Like clothes, there is a car for every occasion. You wouldn’t wear a tie to the gym or pyjamas to work, so why bring a fast, exotic and expensive supercar to a business meeting? When attending a business meeting, you want the right amount of attention with a hint of discretion and a dash of humility. This is a recipe for success. Arriving in a supercar may even hinder your success. Imagine a potential client drooling over your Ferrari while you’re trying to sell your product/service at the highest possible price. There’s a strong chance he/she thinks you can do a lower price, since you’re obviously so successful.

Fiat 500


This shouldn’t come as a surprise. You want your clients and potential clients to treat you like an adult with real responsibilities. You want to portray power with limitless confidence and captivate your client with a cut-throat business mentality. But, a Fiat 500 only depicts ‘cuteness’ and nobody will take you seriously. And don’t get me started on the convertible model!

Badly customized cars


What does customising your car say about you? It shows that you have a real passion for cars and demonstrates your creativity. It reveals the attention to detail you make when completing projects as well as your vision. So, surely arriving to a business meeting in a customized car creates a great first impression… right? Arriving to a business meeting in a badly customized car portrays an image of ‘immaturity’. The ‘MAN’ does not understand the love we have for cars and all he sees is wasted money in a depreciating asset. Customizing cars doesn’t really make any financial sense. You spend loads of money on new wheels, exhausts and other mechanical enhancements but you’ll struggle to regain your investment. You don’t want to give your client any opportunity to think you’re bad with money, careless, untrustworthy and immature. And that’s exactly the image you portray when driving a badly customized car.

Toyota Prius


You may think that arriving in an environmentally friendly, hybrid family car for a business meeting would be the prime choice of weapon, but you’d be wrong and here’s why. The Prius is a sad car that drives as lackluster as it looks. You don’t buy a Prius for its great looks, straight line-speed (or any kind of speed), cornering ability, exclusivity, reliability, luxury interior or a million other things, so why buy one? Maybe to maintain an image of being environmentally friendly (even though the manufacturing process of hybrid cars does more damage to the environment than petrol cars, which defeats the point of owning a Prius, but anyway…) You may even buy a Prius to save fuel but that just tells the world you’re a tight-ass, who’d rather save money on your petrol bill than drive a great car. Your petrol-head client will see right through your fake green, environmentally unfriendly Toyota and automatically judge what type of person you are: either a fake environmentalist, tight with money or a crazy person for buying a Prius in the first place.

So, what is the perfect car? Tune in to my next article to find out…

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