Want To Save Fuel? Don’t Buy A BMW M6

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The BMW M6 also does a couple of things ‘real fast’, such as empty your fuel tank as well as your wallet. And that got me thinking – should we worry about the amount of money spent and time wasted at the petrol pump?

The simple answer is, ‘‘it depends’’. Let’s imagine that you own a Ford E350 Club Wagon (unless you actually own an E350, in which case – no offence for what’s coming up!). If you own this car/monstrosity and find yourself constantly having to re-fuel then something has gone terribly wrong with your life. You should be very concerned because you are not only wasting your time at petrol pumps, but also waving goodbye to your hard-earned cash. Let me formulate a highly complex mathematical equation to illustrate my point. The lower the number calculated – the better the car is.

Time lost refuelling (minutes) x money spent on fuel (£££) / Fun factor (1-10) = X

Example 1: Ford E350 Club Wagon


10 minutes (refuelling) x  £75 full tank (money spent) / Fun factor (1/10) = 750

This is quite a high number and doesn’t appear to be a good deal. By no means is the Ford a bad motor vehicle (apart from its looks, handling, acceleration and size). But, I wouldn’t call it fun, memorable or exciting. Someone in this situation is burning fuel ‘real fast’ in a car that’s not actually really fast.

Why have I chosen the Ford E350 Club Wagon as an example? Because it possesses the same V10 engine like the M6 and that’s enough for me to compare the two. Reports suggest that the Ford barely reaches 11 MPG, which is actually worse than an M6. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT ONE?!

Now, let’s imagine that you own a BMW M6. The naturally aspirated 5ltr V10 engine gives you all kinds of great feelings inside that sometimes manifest themselves on the outside. Let’s compare the above mathematical equation with the below:

Example 2: BMW M6


10 minutes (refuelling) x £75 full tank (money spent) / Fun factor (10/10) = 75

The number is much lower which is automatically means its better. In this situation, you don’t care that you’re constantly at the petrol pump or wishing your life savings farewell because you’re getting a great driving experience. Think of this way. The M6 has many great qualities but only one flaw – poor fuel consumption. (Between 12-15 MPG to be exact) Expecting great fuel economy from a 5ltr V10 is like expecting a girl to explain why she’s constantly angry at you for no reason. It’s just not going to happen.

Most great and exciting cars require constant fuel but that doesn’t mean we should worry about it. As long as you’re getting a great driving experience then I believe it’s worth it.

But my conclusion still stands – if you want to save fuel, then don’t buy an M6. And if you want to calculate fuel consumption/enjoyment then use my well thought out (not really) calculation. But if you want to be broke and depressed at the same time, then a Ford E350 Club Wagon is the right car for you.

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  1. Of course, comparing a BMW M6 and Ford Club Wagon isn’t realistic but only used to illustrate a point
  2. MPG figures and fuel costs may vary
  3. It’s not really a complex equation but may come in useful one day



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