All Porsches Look The Same… Or Do They?

I speak for all Porsche enthusiasts, collectors and avid fanboys/fangirls that each Porsche 911 series [901, 930, 964, 993, 996, 997 and 991] are as diverse as the people who drive them. But, not everybody has the same unobstructed, unrestricted and unhindered vision as us Porsche folk. As a self-declared no.1 Porsche fanboy, I take it upon myself to highlight 6 key ascetic differences between the 996 and 997. To do us both a favour, I’m not going to compare each 911 series as that would require countless pages of words, which I don’t have the stamina to write, nor you the time to read.

  1. Headlights: as you can quite obviously spot, (mind the pun… what pun? Spot? Spotlights? No? Ok then, moving on…) the quickest way to differentiate 996 headlights from a 997 are the shape. Notice the circular nature on the 997 vs. the cock-eyed 996 headlights which attempt to merge with one another at the bottom
  2. Front bumpers: describing front bumpers are not my strongest talent but the differences between them are clearer than the sexuality of those men who drive convertible Fiat 500s (offence intended)
  3. Air vents: the signature feature on all 911 turbos are the air vents. Notice how the 997 air vents are wider and split into two halves, whereas the 996 air vents are smaller than your letterbox
  4. Wing mirrors: again, very different
  5. Spoilers: notice how the 997 spoiler is slimmer and slightly more extended compared to the 996. Thus, generating greater downforce for more stability at higher speeds
  6. Exhausts: the 997 exhausts are integrated within the back bumper whereas the 996 exhausts are below the bumper

Before the keyboard warriors attack me for not describing EVERY ascetic difference, the real developments come from beneath the exterior such as: engine, suspension and quality of materials used. These differences are beyond the comprehension of the human eye, but every difference is manifest through the fingertips of each driver.

There’s no hiding from the fact that every 911 resembles the shape from the previous series, but that’s what makes the 911 an icon and possibly the most consistently greatest sports/supercar of all time. A Ferrari 360 resembles the F430 and the 458 Italia resembles the 488 GTB but the differences between them are clear. The subtle changes in each 911 creates an overall great change and arguing that all 911s are identical shows ‘lack of appreciation’. You can only truly appreciate a 911 by studying its intricate details and then you begin to understand the world of differences. A true Porscheist can tell each 911 apart from a mile away.

Do you agree?

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